OTO the hugging chair

Designed for people with autism, usable by everyone.

OTO was designed in consultation with experts including patients with autism and since 2021 it is in use in EXAC-T the Center of Excellence on Autism and Neurodevelopmental Disorders in Tours, France.

This innovative chair has inflatable inner walls that apply deep pressure on the body thanks to the air pump. This pressure helps to reduce anxiety in people with sensory disorders, so they can feel calmer, more available and able to participate in learning social interaction.

Visit the website for more information about the story of the design, or to see more photos.

Where to find us

Find us at the Maison de l’Autisme in Aubervilliers, France.

10 Rue Waldeck Rochet, Aubervilliers, 93001

Since 2021, OTO the hugging chair is in use in the Tours’ hospital to continue to understand and analyze the positive effects of OTO. You can find us in different places, but also in many events like shows, events or exhibitions.

OTO the hugging chair, is sold since 2023, and more than 50 seats has been delivered in France and Europe. If you are

interested, contact us to get all the technical information, the quotation and do a reservation of an OTO chair on the next batch.

  • OTO
    OTO the hugging chair was designed to meet the needs of its users. The shell is in beech wood and different materials have been integrated in a graphical pattern, which is designed to help autistic… Read more: OTO
  • Design process
    During my studies as a cabinetmaker and designer. I built the prototype of this chair as part of a final project to design and build innovative wooden furniture that met the needs of specialist users.… Read more: Design process
  • Innovations Awards
    Throughout the process of creating, launching and marketing the OTO chair, we were able to win a number of awards. We’re proud to have won these awards, and we’d like to thank everyone who believed… Read more: Innovations Awards

Other contact options

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